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Apple’s New Face ID Technology Will Change Enterprise Security

Published by DarkReading on September 19, 2017 by Shimrit Tzur-David

Apple’s new Face ID technology promises a security revolution for iPhone users — and it also promises to change all of enterprise security, eventually. While Face ID’s primary audience consists of consumers who buy iPhones, Apple has created a new paradigm for security with a safer, faster authentication system.

Face ID will be the catalyst that sets off a real revolution in data authentication

Similar technology eventually will filter down to devices of all kinds and enable organizations to provide their employees and customers with more secure experiences, protecting their data and keeping cybercrooks at bay.

The fact that Face ID is superior to passwords as an authentication method should come as no surprise. The vast majority of major data breaches in recent years (think Sony, Target, major banks, etc.) were due to compromising of login data and password theft.

That’s why, I believe, Face ID will be the catalyst that sets off a real revolution in data authentication.

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