Secret Double Octopus Strategic Partnership with ForgeRock Eliminates Passwords in the Enterprise

SDO and ForgeRock Partner to Deliver ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless for Workforces

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Secret Double Octopus, the leading provider of workforce desktop and passwordless MFA solutions, announced the next phase of its strategic relationship with ForgeRock, a global digital identity leader, with the launch of ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless. The co-branded solution enhances ForgeRock’s ability to eliminate the need for users to interact with passwords inside large organizations. This latest offering builds on the companies’ strategic partnership announcement which integrated SDO platform components into ForgeRock’s passwordless and MFA capabilities.

The expanded relationship builds on the partnership from last year’s milestone to include SDO’s Full Passwordless offering for workforces. Organizations that use ForgeRock for their broader identity requirements will now be able to obtain SDO technology capabilities as part of the ForgeRock Enterprise Connect Passwordless solution.

“ForgeRock is excited to partner with an industry-leading passwordless player like SDO to eliminate the need for users to interact with passwords,” said Chip Hughes, VP of Workforce at ForgeRock. “SDO has been proven at scale in large global deployments and offers a complete set of capabilities to extend passwordless and MFA to ForgeRock customers.”

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