Quality Over Quantity: Women in Cyber Security Making a Difference

uality-over-quantity-Women-in-cyber-security-making-a-difference - Secret Double Octopus

Published at InformationAge  on April 12, 2018 by

Women are severely underrepresented in the technology space, and particularly in the cyber security industry.

Last month the RSA conference faced criticism over its lack of female keynote speakers. This is a trend that continues to repeat itself, with a lack of female speakers at CES this year.

Women in cyber may not make an impact in terms of numbers, but their work speaks for itself, as was evident from Information Age’s Women in IT Awards and Women in IT Awards USA.

One woman making a name for herself is Shimrit Tzur-David, co-founder and CTO of Secret Double Octopus, a cyber security company that uses secret sharing (what is used to protect nuclear codes) to enable companies to do away with passwords all together.

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