Secret Double Octopus Announces Passwordless-Ready MFA Offerings

New Editions Provide Flexible Choices for Strong Authentication from a Common Passwordless Infrastructure

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Secret Double Octopus, the global leader in next-generation workforce authentication, today announced the availability of new multifactor authentication offerings as part of its Octopus Authentication Platform. Because the new offerings share the same components as the company’s workforce passwordless MFA solution, enterprises can deploy traditional MFA solutions today that can be converted to passwordless authentication easily.

The offerings come at a time when interest in multifactor authentication remains high due to the prevalence of employees working from home. McKinsey estimates 20 to 25% of advanced economy workforces could work from home between three to five days a week, a 4 to 5 times higher percentage than before the pandemic.

“We have long had the ability to integrate into 3rd party MFA solutions such as Okta Verify,” said Raz Rafaeli, Co-Founder and CEO of Secret Double Octopus. “But these offerings formalize our solutions in MFA given that many organizations aren’t ready to go passwordless day one. We are excited to provide several flexible options for companies to achieve strong authentication and be investing in their passwordless infrastructure at the same time.”

The new offerings consist of several editions of the Octopus Authentication Platform as follows:

  • Octopus Starter provides MFA for securing remote workers via use cases such as cloud applications, VPN and VDI. Octopus Starter utilizes the Octopus Authenticator and provides a foundation from which to move to broader MFA deployments be they passwordless or traditional MFA.
  • Octopus Pro extends Starter’s coverage to include desktop MFA for Windows and Mac workstations. Octopus Pro is more full-featured than Octopus Lite given it uses the Octopus Authenticator and supports more features such as full offline login capability.

All configurations share common components with the Double Octopus’ best-in-class passwordless solution. In addition, Octopus Starter and Pro can operate in hybrid mode where some users or services operate using passwordless authentication, while others authenticate users using traditional MFA.

“It’s important for us to support enterprises wherever they may be in their passwordless journey,” said Chen Tetelman, Co-Founder and CTO at Secret Double Octopus. “Enterprises have invested millions of dollars in their directory and IAM infrastructure and operate in complex environments and geographies. With our focus on workforce authentication, we wanted to offer maximum choice and flexibility to organizations to work toward passwordless at their own pace.”

More information regarding the company’s new passwordless-ready MFA editions, including feature-level differences, is available at