Tech Data Europe Announces New Distribution Agreement with Secret Double Octopus

Tech Data Europe announced today a pan-EMEA distribution agreement with  Secret Double Octopus, a pioneer of keyless multi-shield authentication technology.   Secret Double Octopus has developed a solution for the market that applies keyless authentication and identity protection for cloud, mobile, and IoT solutions.

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2017 Phone as an Authenticator; Methods, Benefits and Risks

Traditionally, OTP tokens (hardware based) have been used to ensure the identity of the party seeking to connect to that sensitive information. But the explosion of mobile devices makes hardware-based tokens impractical. In addition, many users balk at the idea of carrying around a bulky piece of hardware in order to access secure resources. In addition, a 2012 study indicated that companies could save as much as 95% of authentication costs by replacing tokens with smart device-based software solutions. In a study, Gartner said that “phone as a token are the methods of choice in a majority of new and refreshed token deployments, and have a larger installed base than OTP hardware tokens.”

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Microsoft is replacing the password — what’s taking its place?

Posted on beta news magazine, May 1, 2017 by Amit Rahav If implemented correctly, this system is a lot more secure than the one that prevails now, where users login with their password, since there are now two or more factors that are being used to authenticate the user It was supposed to have died a long time ago, but, for a near-cadaver, the password has managed [...]

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Applying Military Protocol to Cybersecurity Best Practices

Posted on info security magazine, April 7, 2017 by Raz Rafaeli Relying on a single measure of security – whether it's to launch nuclear missiles or to protect IT infrastructure – is dangerous, which is why the military long ago instituted the ‘two person rule’, to prevent accidental or malicious launch of nuclear weapons The world came this close to nuclear annihilation in 1983 – and [...]

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How to Crack Cybersecurity’s Glass Ceiling

Posted on DARK Reading magazine, April 6, 2017 by Shimrit Tzur-David Sage career advice to young women from the female CTO of a security startup: Get a pair of earplugs, and put them in when you hear words like 'can't' or 'don't.' Does the "glass ceiling" still exist? On the one hand, a woman was almost elected president of the United States, and government statistics show [...]

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Secret Double Octopus Launches Authenticator App

Posted on Enterprise Times, March 16, 2017 by Ian Murphy The solution is designed to meet the latest NIST guidelines on additional security. Interestingly, those guidelines look to limit the use of biometrics including voice. They require any biometric to be verified by another authentication approach Israeli security start-up Secret Double Octopus has launched its authenticator app for enterprises. It is designed to avoid insecure channels [...]

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Secret Double Octopus Introduces Multi-shield User Authentication

Secret Double Octopus Introduces Multi-shield User Authentication for Enterprises, Eliminating the Need for Passwords Using New National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Guidelines, Secret Double Octopus' Keyless Authenticator Allows Enterprises to Scale Security While Enabling a Frictionless User Experience BEER SHEVA, Israel, March 15, 2017 Secret Double Octopus, the pioneer of keyless multi-shield authentication technology, announced today the launch of its authenticator app for [...]

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Secret Double Octopus eliminates enterprise passwords

Posted on betanews, March 14, 2017 by Ian Barker The technology prevents cyber attackers from accessing enough critical information to be useful for attacks such as brute force, man-in-the-middle, PKI manipulation, key theft and certificate authority weaknesses No, we're not talking about the James Bond of the cephalopod world getting his tentacles on your security. Secret Double Octopus is an intriguingly named Israeli company that’s launching [...]

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NY state cybersecurity regs go into effect today, industry responds

Posted on CS Magazin, March 01, 2017 by Greg Masters, Managing Editor "While we have historically seen slow adoption of two-factor authentication – mostly due to poor UX design – this regulation comes at a time when next-generation authentication platforms have the right combination of frictionless user experience and none of the security resiliency problems we saw in the past."  Raz Rafaeli, CEO of Secret Double Octopus Responding to growing threats from cyberattacks to financial institutions, [...]

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