What’s the difference between authentication and authorization?

In order to protect sensitive data and operations from unwanted access by intruders and malicious actors, developers integrated authentication and authorization features into their applications. Whether you’re running a banking app, a social media website or a blogging platform, these are the two key functionalities that will seal your application against security incidents. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, authentication and authorization represent [...]

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No-password login: The frictionless and secure alternatives to passwords

Providing secure and easy-to-use authentication and login mechanisms should be one of the main goals every online service pursues. Unfortunately, passwords, the traditional method to protect online accounts and keep intruders out, are becoming less reliable and more cumbersome to maintain, both for users as well as service providers. The industry has become in desperate need for a no-password option. Where to go from here? [...]

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The Case for the Secret Sharing Scheme

The new paradigm of password-free login, based on ‘secret sharing’; an advanced mathematical algorithm to protect data, is the answer for the emerging challenges of authentication and identity protection.

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