Amazon AWS Passwordless Authentication

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Amazon AWS Passwordless Authentication

Watch how Secret Double Octopus’s integration with AWS makes cloud authentication faster, safer and easier for employees and admins.

AWS/Amazon Secret Double Octopus provides IT admins seamless access to their Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts using a high-assurance, password-free authenticator instead of passwords. To access AWS, users simply tap the Octopus Authenticator on their mobile device – the same authenticator they use to access their company network – and in the background the Octopus Authentication Server provides the required security assertions to authenticate users.

The Octopus Authentication Solution implements provably unbreakable cryptography that is highly resistant to common attacks such as phishing, MitM and cracking. Octopus Authentication was built for enterprise customers, which means it is fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and supports access to all enterprise resources, whether on-premise, remotely accessed or in the cloud.