Go Passwordless With ForgeRock

Powered by Secret Double Octopus

ForgeRock helps thousands of global enterprises manage employees’ identities and access requirements. Secret Double Octopus’s seamless integrations enables any ForgeRock deployment to easily and securely become fully password-free.

Eliminate Credential
Related Attacks

Enjoy Seamless Universal Authentication

Reduce Downtime and Support Costs

Choose Your Path to Passwordless

Moving to real passwordless authentication doesn’t have to be painful for your
IT team or employees, with Secret Double Octopus suite of enterprise solutions

How it Works

Our out-of-the-box integration with ForgeRock’s Identity Platform covers all your authentication needs with one simple and secure solution.
To log in user simply enter their username, and the on-prem Octopus Authentication Server forwards a request to the ForgeRock identity platform. A secure push notification is then sent to the user’s authenticator app, the user approves biometrically, and access is granted.

Passwordless with What You Know

Going passwordless is all about making your employees work easier. The Octopus Passwordless Enterprise™ platform supports a selection of password-free authentication methods to make the transition as smooth as possible

Octopus Authenticator

The Octopus Authenticator is a high-assurance app for universal passwordless access

ForgeRock Mobile App

Keep your existing ForgeRock app, now with a passwordless power-up

FIDO2 Keys

Our FIDO2-certified on-prem server lets you use any FIDO2 authenticator

A User is Offline?

No Problem!
Online and offline, workstation logon is equally fast and simple

Can’t Use a Smartphone?

No Problem!
Users can always authenticate using a FIDO2 device or a secure phone callback service