ThinkShield Goes Passwordless

Built-In Passwordless MFA for Lenovo Devices

Secret Double Octopus’s unique authentication technology protects enterprise employees from login to shut down by replacing all passwords with an out-of-the-box, seamless & universal passwordless solution

Enhanced Domain Security

Domain Security

Secure access to all work assets with strong multi-factor authentication

Improved Productivity


Provide quick and easy access to any business system, under any circumstance

Compliance Made Easy

Made Easy

A single domain-wide MFA to meet current and future regulatory demands

Passwordless Authentication
Built For The Enterprise

Secret Double Octopus’s native integration with Lenovo’s devices makes passwordless authentication faster to deploy and easier use, boosting security and accessibility throughout the domain

Deploying Passwordless on Your Terms

Moving to real passwordless authentication doesn’t have to be hard on your IT and security teams, with Secret Double Octopus’s path to a fully passwordless enterprise

How it Works

Logging into a workstation or application becomes easier and more secure: Users provide a username to initiate a login sequence, the Octopus server receives an authentication request and transfers it to the built-in or mobile biometric authenticator.
Users then identify biometrically to approve the request and login is complete without any passwords involved!

A User is Offline?

No Problem!
Online and offline, workstation logon is equally fast and simple

No Smartphone?

No problem!
Users can always authenticate using a FIDO2 device or a secure phone callback service