Solving Phishing From the Root

Phishing attacks will continue as long as passwords are used to protect identities

The Problem With Passwords

Your Security Is As Strong As Your Weakest Link

Passwords are often the easiest, most cost-effective way for an attacker to gain unauthorized access because they are easily phished, hacked or cracked.

Hated and Misused by Users

Users do a poor job protecting their passwords and hate recalling and entering them every time they logon.

Classic 2FA Is a Band-Aid

Adding traditional 2FA adds complexity for users and costs to the organization, without fixing the password problem itself.

Passwords Are a Vulnerability – What’s Next for Authentication?

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Meet the Octopus Authenticator

Meet the Octopus Authenticator

The Octopus Authenticator offers a simple “touch-and-go” experience – users approve a secure push notification and provide a biometric identifier using the available sensor on their enrolled mobile device.

  • Simple user enrollment
  • Supports offline authentication
  • Built on proven Secret Sharing cryptography
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
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Secret Double Octopus Mobile Authenticator Delivers a New, Enhanced Approach to

Multi-Factor Authentication, Completely Passwordless

Better Security

Vulnerable passwords are replaced with a high-assurance, password-free authenticator.

User Experience

A simple touch-and-go experience enables secure access to all business systems and applications, whether on-premise, remotely-accessed and in the cloud, online and offline.


Going passwordless not only means quicker Logins and less downtime, but it also means fewer helpdesk calls, no password management costs, and a phishing-prevention budget.


Secret Double Octopus’ advanced multi-factor authentication solution enables organizations to eliminate vulnerable user passwords while ensuring the best defense against phishing attacks. And in cases where passwords are still required, our solution replaces static, user-controlled passwords with frequently updated passwords that are controlled and managed by the enterprise, not its users. 

Workstation and Network

Prevent unauthorized access to workstation and network by eliminating the option to phish credentials.

Remote Access

Prevent unauthorized access to your network from compromised remote access accounts.

Legacy Applications

Deploy a passwordless authentication solution that works across all your systems and applications, old and new.


Passwordless authentication solution that integrates with existing infrastructure and applications.

Remove Passwords Across the Organization

Here is a sample of the applications and resources that Secret Double Octopus integrates with


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Secret Double Octopus is smart authentication packaged with simplicity