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Your Yubikeys

With Secret Double Octopus’s
Passwordless Enterprise™

Eliminate all workforce passwords with the combined strength of YubiKey™ and the Octopus on-prem FIDO server – from workstation log-in to any service or application in the domain.

Unified Authentication
Platform for the Enterprise

Reduce Downtime &
Support Costs

The End to Phishing &
Credential-Related Attacks

Your Trusted YubiKeys Can Do More

Secret Double Octopus’s Passwordless Enterprise™ platform gives employees total freedom from passwords while ensuring a more secure and streamlined authentication across the domain.
The Octopus on-prem FIDO-certified server ensures full compatibility with Active Directory, Azure AD, and any other Identity Provider, and keeps the entire authentication flow immune to Man-in-the-Middle and client-side attacks.

How it Works

Passwordless authentication using YubiKey devices lets employees access any asset in the domain – from workstations and cloud services to any on-prem legacy applications.
To log in users enter their username and insert a YubiKey device. The on-prem Octopus FIDO server verifies the key’s presence and identity, and approves the authentication request. Access is immediately granted and the event is recorded in the domain’s identity provider.

A User is Offline?

No Problem!
Online and offline, workstation logon is equally fast and simple

No Smartphone?

No problem!
Users can always authenticate using a FIDO2 device or a secure phone callback service