Poor Visibility, Weak Passwords Compromise Active Directory

compromise active directory

Published in DarkReading on 1 February 2018, by Kelly Sheridan

Every company has different security challenges. One common hurdle is securing Active Directory, which remains a critical issue because it’s used to store increasing amounts of data. Businesses face a major risk in granting access to too many people without knowing who is safe.

“Active Directory was put in decades ago, and many companies, especially large ones, have had it a long time,” says Skyport Systems CEO Art Gilliland. “Most companies don’t have a handle on what Active Directory looks like or how many people in the organization can administer it.”

Passwords are the most common authentication factor but also the most frequently abused.  Amit Rahav, VP of marketing and business development at Secret Double Octopus summed up the situation: “We’ve been told to create long and complicated passwords, we’ve been told to change them frequently, and we end up using more and more passwords to get our jobs done.”

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