High-Assurance MFA 
for Administrative & Shared Accounts

Some accounts are just too important.
Passwordless MFA will make sure they’re safe.

Shared Account Protection and Visibility

Privileged accounts require a higher level of protection.
Secret Double Octopus replaces insecure administrative passwords with simple passwordless authentication that is safer for the domain and easier for employees.

Highly secure, fully passwordless and user-friendly

Password-based privileged accounts are a huge threat to domain security. Administrative, emergency, and service accounts used by multiple employees are often a business requirement, but that shouldn’t allow a compromise on security.
The Octopus Authentication Platform brings passwordless authentication to all such accounts, with an easy touch-and-go interface while allowing full visibility and control over all shared accounts.

Passwordless Access to Password-Based Systems

The most critical systems require the best authentication security. Deploy passwordless MFA on every administrative account, including password-based systems, and remove highly vulnerable passwords from the hands of users.

Shared Account
Protection and Visibility

Boost shared account security with high-assurance individual authentication. Get better visibility and control over your most sacred enterprise IT assets.

Service Account Password Management

Remote platforms are the perfect gateway for attackers – they often rely on shared or default passwords, they’re hard to manage and nearly impossible to inspect.
Protect service utilities and remote access tools with passwordless MFA for any number of users.

One multi factor authentication for all your use cases

A unifield MFA solution that supports all the authentication use-cases of business users, including workstation and network logon, remote access, cloud access, privileged access, identity federation, etc. And it also works offline.

Workstation and
network login

MFA for workstation logon, online and offline, with support for Active Directory, Okta or Azure AD.

VPN & Remote Access

Best in class MFA for any VPN and remote access service.

Legacy apps and Cloud Services

Provide employees with a single multi-factor authenticator to securely access all legacy and modern business applications.

Integrate With Existing Infrastructure

A universal MFA solution that seamlessly integrates into all your IT stack, quickly, with no operational interruptions

Modern enterprises need agile IT teams

The Octopus high-assurance passwordless solution takes MFA to the next level and delivers a seamless and more secure experience for all types of privileged and shared accounts.
With a robust and adaptable authentication platform and a seamless interface, administrative and service accounts are better protected and more flexible.

Passwordless, on or off the premises

The Octopus authentication platform integrates seamlessly with your existing Active Directory setup or IAM solution, allowing for passwordless privileged accounts, on or off the premises, and better visibility and control over sensitive shared accounts.

Fast and secure authenticaton that always works

With a single touch of the finger users approve workstation login requests and are seamlessly connected to the enterprise SSO portal or any cloud app.

– Full integration with on-prem Active Directory and other IdPs
– Use your currently deployed 3rd-party
authenticator app
– Easy and fast user enrollment and provisioning
– Offline authentication via BLE or FIDO key

Solving All Enterprise
Authentication Pains


Passwordless Authentication


Passwordless SSO
(Single Sign On)

Remote Access


Admin & Shared