The Secret Double Octopus
+ FIDO2 Advantage

Providing Passwordless Authentication Across the Enterprise
with FIDO2

Our Certified Authentication Platform Supports Any FIDO2 Compatible Devices


FIDO2 enables true passwordless authentication, removing user-memorized secrets to improve security and usability

Unified Standard

Supported by leading software and hardware manufacturers, allowing passwordless access to leading services and devices

Offline Access

Works locally to allow access to workstations and servers without connectivity

Authentication Agnostic - Secret Double Octopus


Supporting various authentication methods, including hardware and software tokens

The Only Solution that Supports On-Prem Active Directory

Deploy the Octopus Authentication Solution on any application, ensuring passwordless, Multi-Factor Authentication is defending all enterprise resource

  • Seamless and secure integration supporting AD and beyond
  • No need to migrate to Azure AD
  • Unified authentication experience from desktop to cloud

Authenticator Agnostic

The Secret Double Octopus authentication platform is authenticator agnostic, supporting any FIDO2 certified device

The Octopus Authenticator

Users validate their identity with a touch of their thumb, followed by a second biometric verification


Our certified FIDO2 server is fully compatible with any FIDO2 authenticators


Leverage your laptop fingerprint reader or facial recognition for authentication

Enterprise-Ready MFA

Octopus Authentication ensures passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication and defends all enterprise resources

  • Workstations to servers – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Web applications – on any browser and on any device
  • Remote access – VPN, VDI, and RDP